Rockport, lockdown at home

Lockdown at Home, ME

Santa Cruz pier

Santa Cruz

Last party preparation, 2020

Going to the Last Party. February 2020


Me, the US 2019

Pink top with hood

2018, Morning in LLBean

Lena Faber, Appalachia

2018, Appalachia, Maine

Lena Faber Sand-boarding in Death Valley, Atacama Desert, Peru

4 Years of Everywhere

Lena Faber. Bahamas

Photos of Me After the Appalachian Trail. Bahamas

Brave's Appalachian Trail 2014

Brave on Appalachian Trail 2014

Lena Faber. Four Years on Foot

Just Some Portraits

Lena Faber, Quagga race

2010, Running Story


2010s in South Africa

Lena Faber, South Africa

2008, in Kalahari Desert Trip

Combining Journalism & Personal Life

Combining Journalism & Personal Life, Moscow

Lena Faber. Journalist in Moscow

2000s. Journalist in Moscow

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzeland


First mariage

Youth, Moscow