Eating a watermelon

Night Promenade With Puncture

Yesterday night respectable citizens of Palm Beach Shira and Jon took a promenade to Downtown. Under the empty bridge, surrounded by construction fence, they were catch up by a stranger, walking her bike.

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Hungtington Beach State Park

Duke Disease

I felt totally weаk, trail turned from paved into graveled, and I wasn’t going to make it as any slight uphill would kill me. I cycled to the nearest road and stopped a car. This time a quite reasonable question from driver, where I’m going, irritated me a lot, and I just hissed from my last strength – “out of here!”

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Theresa and Rick, Ashland

Theresa and Rick

Prince William Forest Park. I decided to make a short cut, but, as usually, it took me much longer than it would just on regular path.

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Nancy and Daniel

Nancy and David

I pressed the button on the R40 bridge, yellow light started flashing for drivers to keep in mind, that a bicycle was crossing the bridge, and cycled  into McDonald’s on another side. I needed to mark libraries on my map ahead, because thunderstorm was coming in a few hours. It came earlier, and I’ve got a ride to the library from… a Weather Guard!

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Elaine and Warren

I spent a wonderful day with them. After 20 miles on Delaware Trail we had a lunch in famous Schaefer’s Canal House. I didn’t suppose to be on this trail, but here is a story.

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