New Jersey

Robert and Carolyn

Got up at 4:30 AM at some marina around Fairfield CT (the guards knew), to take off before the rain started. It was freezing anyway, what’s a point to stay in the hammock till later.

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Downhill to New Haven

Down to New Haven

Probably, the easiest part of the trail – gentle downhill to New Haven. Another one New England Ivy League University, Yale, is in New Haven.

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Rescued by Barbara


Barbara is involved in East Coast Greenway Trail. She found me in Facebook, when I was heading her place, and invited me to stay.

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Around Providence

Dorothy and Librarians

I passed Providence, and needed another stop in a library to do some work, and found a nice one in Coventry, which worked from 9 to 9, was surrounded by woods (for my hammock!).

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On the way to Boston

Syrniki with Smetana

Portsmouth was very pretty, without any industrial areas around. After it East Coast Greenway Trail went on R1, Ocean Rd, with heavy traffic, and continued in a very nice area, Rye. Nice for living, but not for buying anything when you were getting hungry.
Stop with cyclists

Nathan and Jennifer

I already realised that my trip is like an anthropological research of people’s’ backyards, so will title the future posts just with names of people I stayed with.

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Day and night at the library

Night at the Library

I cycled by the library and decided to stop there for the middle of the day, not to burn on the sun. Then the rain came. Then the rain stopped, but the night came.

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Way to Portland

Portland Rush

Was in a hurry to meet with three newspapers in Portland, lost trail signs right in front of Portland, cycled to Route 1, hitchhiked, was late.

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Night in LLBeen

Camping in L.L.Been

Gail told me that it would be a huge outdoor store on my way in Freeport, L.L.Bean, which was a few miles away before Portland and worked all days and nights. It was cool itself, also next day I supposed to meet with Portland’s newspapers, so I was thinking about hanging somehow at this night shop, the whole night around. I’m an outdoor shopaholic.

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Dennysville Snowmobile Club

Dennysville Surroundings

I spend two weeks in Dennysville, working on my new project. Got ride on ATV vehicle to the swamps, saw biting turtles, a lot of birds, who’s’ names I would never remember, had a dinner with all locals at the church, and had a breakfast another day there.

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