Canada border in Calais. Srart of East Coast Greenway

Map #1. Calais-Dennysville

Calais was sleeping when I took off from motel towards Key West. But almost immediately stopped at Canadian border to figure out something for future, in case I want to do Great Canadian Trail straight from Greenway.

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On my way to Calais

Long Way to Calais

If I knew there was a bus from Boston to Portland, from Portland to Augusta, from Augusta to Bangor, and from Bangor to Calais, I would ride it. But Google did not tell me that. So my way was much longer than even that.

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New Hampshire Rail Trail. Boston. On my way to the East Coast Greenway

Cambridge, Boston

Last time I was in Boston when finished the Appalachian Trail. This time I’m going see Cambridge, look at Harvard campus, and start my ride to Key West.

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New Hampshire Rail Trail. On my way to the East Coast Greenway

Derry Rail Trail to Boston

It was time to start my cycling trip, so I took Derry Rail Trail to Boston. I decided to start the East Coast Greenway from Boston, not from Calais. When I was observing the Robert Frost Farm, I met another cyclist. On his car. So this evening I enjoyed his family supper.

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Goose Pond community. On my way to the East Coast Greenway

Goose Pond Community

Goose Pond was a community, not commune. A writer and a college teacher buit-rebuilt a house, I would say home-made house. Self sustainable. Organic. Nice, cozy, and warm. Very nice, very cozy and very warm.

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D-Acres community. On my way to the East Coast Greenway

D Acres Commune

It was a bit early for opening a biking season, and I used this delay for experiencing New Hampshire communes. The first one was D Acres, an organic farm. And about the last one.

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Snow season in Andover. On my way to the East Coast Greenway

The Last Snow in Maine

It still was a ski season in Andover, the last snow, and I came there with my bicycle, which actually wasn’t mine, but eventually was given to me in 24/7 community, that how I call Twelve Tribes.

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Rutland Hikers Hostel. On my way to the East Coast Greenway.

Blizzard in Rutland

I took Amtrak rom Penn Station in New York, Rutland was my choice to come. Forecast promised a blizzard and I want to catch it – the last snow in March. I knew a cozy, 24/7 place there, and my train was coming at night.

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Caledonian Canal

Caledonia Way. Loch Ness

Caledonia Way goes on Great Glen Ways, a very spectacular trail from Inverness to Fort Williams and further to the South. After riding along Caledonia Canals I decided that it can’t be anything better then that and even didn’t go to Northern Island to save the impression.

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The Inverness Highland Games

The Inverness Highland Games

The Inverness Highland Games are like a festival, taking place all over the Scotland on different weekends. So wherever whenever  in summer you are going, you will definitely see at least one.

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Ferry John o'Groats - Orkney

Cycling Scotland #6. Inverness to John o’Groats

The milestone of this part is Altnaharra. Either you go with other cyclists straight to  Bettyhill, or with almost nobody to Tongue, how National Cycling Route 1 prescribes. All cyclists I’ve met told me that Altnaharra – Bettyhill was one of the best part on their way across UK. So I checked another route.

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