Cycling from Dundee to Stonehaven. Dunnotar Castle

Cycling Scotland #4. Stonehaven to Portsoy

Cycling Scotland #4 on National Cycling Route 1. The route to Aberdeen was exhausting. The most exhausting part of National Cycling Route 1. Nothing particular to see, no places to stop, no places to eat. I cycled into Aberdeen so hungry…

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The ever coolest selfie

Camera Obscura, a World of Illusion in the old centre of Edinburg: mirrors, optical illusions, holograms, lights, tricky images and confusion corridors. Ten selfies in one shot.

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Vicky was a drag racer!

Flood in Old Bus Stop

It started raining and did not stop for a whole week. All news were about flood in Missouri, I was listening ithem from the Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Gallery in … Missouri.

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I ce cream Ice cream

Brought with the wind

I was facing stormy wind and exhausted from cycling against it in the heat in the middle of nowhere. The first building was a small winery and it was open. For Karen’s birthday Party. So I really became one brought with the wind.

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