Vicky was a drag racer!

Flood in Old Bus Stop

It started raining and did not stop for a whole week. All news were about flood in Missouri, I was listening ithem from the Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Gallery in … Missouri.

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I ce cream Ice cream

Brought with the wind

I was facing stormy wind and exhausted from cycling against it in the heat in the middle of nowhere. The first building was a small winery and it was open. For Karen’s birthday Party. So I really became one brought with the wind.

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Carpenter from the dead end

Dead End of Route 66

Once I lost the way and find myself at the the dead end of Route 66 far from anything but close to industrial workshops, the have rain started.

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Wall painting in Pontiac

Old Log Cabin. Pontiac

I was in a big risk of flying back to Chicago for free with stormy wind when someone take me with my bike to Pontiac straight to the Old Log Cabin Restaurant.

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anything goes

Hitting Route 66

I’m hitting Route 66, named American Main Street or American Mother Road. How else they call it, it’s a road which my parents should be hitting before I was born, if they … weren’t Russians (so I am)

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