Lena Faber CrossFit

PSIA Alpine Ski Instructor | SPI + AED + First AID | CPR | ASFA Master Health & Wellness Coach | ASFA Functional Fitness Trainer | ASFA Women’s Fitness Instructor | ASFA Advanced Water Aerobic Instructor | ASFA Tactical Fitness Instructor

Photography & Videography

Portraits and movies of you, your family, and your business from awarded photojournalist and international contest winner.

Personal Instructor

Certified Alpine ski, Swim, Healthy habits and lifestyle, Adventure travels, Long distance hiking and biking, Road trips - from World Masters Athletic championships Silver medalist.

I do

few things:

Solution For Your Body


For those who don't want to deal with agencies, bigger than their own company:
All you need for your business can be done right in your office or in nearby coffeeshop, so you could see the progress, ask questions, and make changes on the go while doing your daily routine. In this case, all discussions and feedbacks become so productive that in one or two days we can finish the project.  
You pay for the day whatever project we are working on: web design, promotional graphic, branding, social media, content writing, photographing, or making movies.

For those who want to get basic literacy and take control:
I can educate you enough for your competence so you don't overpay agencies or at least stop looking for "free" website builders.

For DIY:
I'll teach you basic maintenance.

For too busy:
I actually need just 30 min of you in total.

Your One-Day IT & Marketing Department

Web Sites Developing

From single page to the complex functionality


- Pop-up banners, subscriptions, blogs, landing pages, galleries, e-commerce, online stores, social and reviews embed, maps

- Integration with booking and payment systems

- Domains, web hosting, SSL, Whois guard, maintenance, e-mail accounts. . 

Branding and Promotional Graphic

IT literacy for business owners

- Web development basics: front-end, back-end, web hosting

- Content creating basics

- Marketing basics

- Organic advertising basics

- Hardware: & software: Apple, PC, OS, MS, e-mail boxes


Visual Content and Social Media

Photography, Videography, Social Media Set-Up, Content, Graphics

- Content creating

- Pictures of you, your team, 360 office space, virtual tours. 

- Promo videos, short movies

- Set up Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube

- Branding: style, logo, business cards, brochures, postcards, stickers, flyers, banners

- Printing colors and B&W, any material

Personal Instructor On Body & Brain Shape 

Like-No-One's-Around Style. Hardcore from one of the most requested get-off-the-ground instructors

- Ski instructor PSIA certificate
- Swim instructor
- Long-distance hiking and biking
- Lightweight world traveling
- Wild solo travels
- Road trips
- General endurance
- Habits developing for the lifetime good health and shape


My Clients & Students 

Lena is among the best 

I have studied with many language teachers over the years in learning French, Italian and Spanish. Lena is among the best that I have ever had. I feel that I have made tremendous progress in the past year because of the depth of her knowledge of how to teach Russian and her method of teaching it. She is excellent in every way.

Dana Straut
Lawer, P.A.

Lena is phenomenal

Lena was phenomenal. I can't stop raving about how patient she was. Her instruction was so clear and hands-on that by allowing me to fall and allowing me to try to get up on my own, she helped me overcome my fear that day. She's awesome, give her a raise or something, she deserves it, the whole group was exponentially better by the end of the beginner lesson!

Elianne Furtney
Managing Director

Excellent instructor

- Excellent instructor! Very focused on helping students improve
- Lena was a terrific instructor, patient, and very warm!
- she is great

Students ' feedback 
Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows

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