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About Project

There are thousands of established hiking and cycling trails in the world, and they are about bicycling or hiking on exact paths from their start to the very finish, not about traveling from one hotel to another. That’s why staying in tents along the trail is so common among long distance bicyclists and hikers. To find a spot is always a problem, because usually it’s somebody’s property.

The purpose of this project is legalising of those, who have an ability and curiosity to travel through established trails on foot and learn about local life, but who always are under the pressure of breaking local rules and regulations unwittingly.

The author of Stay on Trail - Help on Trail, a former Russian journalist and associate professor of the University of South Africa, Lena Faber , took a mission of riding her bicycle from Maine to Florida to test if it would work on East Coast Greenway .

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Your donation will be highly appreciated and will pay for:

• supporting the author on her bicycle ride along the East Coast Greenway Trail from Maine to Florida with the mission of Stay on Trail - Help on Trail

• Software and hardware for full function website development

For Trail Travellers

Stay&Help is for non-motorised Trail Travellers who eventually need to legally put a tent for one night at a safe place and can't make phone calls or send emails while on the Trail. Provide the link with your Stay&Help profile to the host. We request your have a public Facebook or Google+ profile with your traveling background. Once you start the trail, email all proposal hosts that you can show up in this season. By registering on Stay&Help, you agree with out terms and conditions.

For Trail Hosts

If some Trail goes around your Backyard? Get your household chores done while you are sitting at the porch without making any phone calls and arrangements. Write your own rules for Travellers on your profile. For your and your neighbours safety do not accept non registered traveller. You can ask newbies to register right at your door with their phone. Please response to the Travellers, who contacted you and who's profile you've checked, if you don't mind them to stay on your backyard in coming season, with no solid obligations from your side. By registering on Stay&Help, you agree with out terms and conditions.

Night at the swimming pool. A bicycle and a sleeping bag

What people say


Michelle Wiley. Pastor at the Finnish Congregational Church. Watch video

That's a great idea to give travellers an opportunity to give something in return for hospitality. We'll share our gratitude with each other. I'll pursue other churches to be a part of Stay&Help idea.


Gail Robinson. Former School Teacher. Watch video

One cyclist cleaned the rug, which my mother made long ago. It was waiting to be cleaned for years on my attic!


Percy Robinson. Lobsterman. Watch video

I have no problem if registered travellers pitch a tent on my grass. Maybe they'll help me on my boat when we go lobstering.

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The registration for Travellers will be open shortly. If you have any questions, please send us a message.

For HOSTS! If you live along the trail, please email us with your details. We will inform you when the website will be ready for registration.

We are on developing stage! If you have any questions or offers, please message us: