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Journalist | Author | Wild Traveler | Artist 

2014-2018 Adventure

Four Years On Foot

Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine | Route 66 from Chicago to LA | Route 1 from Maine to Florida | Ride Across England and Scotland | Africa | South America | Europe


With my journalist's background of an interviewer, I use my special technique to evoke your emotions, and my portraits will reflect them.

Russian Class

I worked as a journalist for the major Russian newspaper. I’ve got both an MA and MC and taught Russian at the University of

The answer is in my PechaKucha talk 2019

My daughter lives in London (UK) with her family and works in art business, my sone lives in Moscow (Russia) with his family, he works in IT.

The answer is here

I'm from Moscow and left for South Africa in 2009. I travelled much more in the US then in Russia, though I learned a lot when I worked on my newspaper column "200000 km Around Moscow".

I do not, but on safety reason I didn't travel solo when I was a young girl. Also I don't go too wild outside of Europe and the US