Russian-Gypsy  7-string guitar duo in the U.S.

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About Us

Zingaresca consists of Oleg Timofeyev, the pioneer in the revival of the Russian 7-string guitar, and the celebrated Russian-Roma (Gypsy) virtuoso Vadim Kolpakov

Vadim Kolpakov:
On Tour With Madonna

"Yes, I'm that guy in red who performed with  Madonna in her World Tour"

Oleg Timofeyev: The world’s leading expert on the Russian guitar tradition

and the founder and organizer of the only festival, solely dedicated to his instrument.

Experts Say

"The guitar-playing throughout the album is truly spectacular; at points jaw-droppingly virtuosic (check out the solo number Fantasia, written by Alexander Kolpakov). Highly recommended!"

Blair Jackson 

"I am sorry, but I am running out of superlatives. The Timofeyev-Kolpakov concert, exploring the oral traditions of Gypsy guitarists on one hand, and the classics of 19th century Russian seven string guitar on the other hand, was just about stunning. I do not recall a guitar event in recent memory that has given me as much pleasure as this evening!"

Matanya Ophee (1932–2017)
a classical guitar scholar and critic 

Our Performances

Zingaresca offers a wide range of formats for their performances, from a formal evening concert to casual background music. 


Our full concert invites the listeners to a well-hidden world of Russian-Romani music. We present the best gems of the Russian-Romani repertoires, and tell the story behind each one of them. Some we found in old manuscripts, some took down from old gramophone records, and some were passed down to us by other guitarists. These evenings are fun, full of improvisation, fiery music and dance, and interesting stories.


In our masterclasses we focus on guitar technique, Russian-Romani dance forms and improvisation.

Lunchtime concerts

Zingaresca often appears at casual lunchtime concerts, and will gladly provide ambience music for sophisticated parties.

Educational Outreach

The artists of Zingaresca feel passionate about sharing their knowledge of the Russian-Romani culture and traditions with as many listeners as possible.



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