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History as people's archives tell

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Our Mission

Saving families photo archieves to passing through generations

As major events, places, and celebrities' old photos have been digitized and published, the personal archives of people are still left buried in attics, closets, and basements. The present generation of seniors is the final one possessing analog photos of the 20th century and can still identify what is in them! The mission of The FolkHistory Project is to instruct senior citizens on how to digitize and manage their personal archives online while simultaneously creating a vast multimedia resource with their blogs, galleries, and books. If these priceless archives are not preserved now, they will be gone with their owners.

Our Supporters

Thanks to the outstanding community of Midcoast Maine, the FolkHistory project has received exceptional support and a strong foundation to commence.


In Rockland, Midcoast ME, where this project started

"Lena has become an integral part of our teaching and learning community. One class in particular, Digitize Your Memories, has now become the focus of a joint project between Adult Ed and Lena. This project aims to bring Lena’s writing, journalism, photography, and multimedia expertise together with area senior citizens and school-aged students to create an online micro-history repository. This project will increase digital literacy skills across the age groups while at the same time provide a wonderful visual and historical resource for years to come.
Ms. Faber has shown herself to be a determined and talented individual who connects well with people. She is friendly and compassionate and brings a sense of social justice to her work. Her multi-cultural life experiences bring a richness to our communities. We fully anticipate that Lena’s classes will continue to grow in popularity as we continue to expand the projects she’s begun here."

David Watts

"I am pleased to the oportunity which Lena created for people of Midcoast. So many of us have links with our town from their grand- and grandgrandparents. FolkHistory project will attempt to capture all that memories the way they will be last forever. If you have some links to Midcoast Maine, I hope you consider to participate in this project. Lena is working hard to put different parts of this project together and I think FolkHistory Online will be something what we all be proud of."

Gordon Page, Sr. 

"We support Lena Faber’s efforts to start up a FolkHistory project. Lena has been associated with Rockland Congregational Church, since the summer of 2018. We provided space for her to transition from her world travels to the U.S. While here, Lena was very involved with the community. Her desire to engage the community of which she is a part is inspiring, and comes from her years as a travel journalist.
We were happy to provide support in various ways for Lena, and she has been generous with her time and presence with us as a community. We are grateful for the time we have spent with her.
FolkHistory project has taken focus over the time she has been associated with us at the church, and I wholly support her efforts. This project will provide an opportunity for many people to learn about their personal and regional history. We look forward to the outcome of her work."

Rev. Seth D. Jones

Saving Your Family History

A Crash Course For Seniors

From the attic  to the web, for the very beginners - we provide minimum necessary knowledge so everyone's grandma can create online gallerioes, publish books, and write her own blogs on!

History On Map

Once upon a time... where exactly?

Here Time has it's Location. Click on the Falkstory map and see... what was going on there once upon a time. This particular place was the center of the Universe for someone... once upon a time.
Click tags, say, “clothes” and see how people were dressed, how they furnished their houses, cooked, and ride whatever was rideble all over the world at particular time. Or at particular place all over the time.

FolkHistory Circuit

We do FolkHistory by traveling from town to town with Digitize Your Memories offline classes. Lyceum Circuit - that how it was called in 18th Century in New England, where it started. If you have relevant scills and feel like teaching ans traveling, apply here.