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Four Years On Foot

The trail name Brave was given to the Appalachian Trail thru-hiker 2014 Lena Faber by the trail community

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"Lena is the "real deal"! My all time favorite world traveler and Russian Photojournalist"

"Lena Faber is one extraordinary lady who i'm proud to have met early in her ventures in the.US. love following her."

"We shall all live vicariously through her! She is an example and inspiration to many! Go girl!"

"She has the kind of spirit that makes the world
connect and go round."

"Fantastic! I had the wonderful pleasure of hosting Lena when she was here in southern Maine. Go Lena!!"

"Lena Faber has a wonderful personality!"

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Iconic Trails in 4 Years

Besides the Atacama Desert, Amazon jungle, etc

Apr 5 - Aug 15, 2014

US Appalachian Trail

Luxury-resorts-foreigner yet a prominent trail runner, I found myself on Appalachian Range with no clue what hiking was about in general and the Appalachian in particular, 2180 miles from Georgia to Maine. I spent an hour on the phone with an AT manager named Laurie, and two days in a hotel reading about bears and snakes. I was crying from fear at the last six miles of the dirty desert road to Springer Mountain, thinking I would be the only human for 100 miles and would turn into Mowgli. Fellow hikers didn't see my tears, told I was brave with all my stories and gave me the trail name Brave.

May 21 - Sep 11, 2015

US Route 66

No limits after 2000 miles hike. I flew from Johannesburg to Chicago with her Appalachian 13-lb backpack,,bought the bike , climbed on, and took off for Los Angeles. I was the only biker on Route 66, as no one saw a biker on this route before. It was a blast! I was totally blown out by the huge wave of people, their interest, their friendliness and hospitality. This ride had nothing to do with mileage per day and overall speed. 

May 23 - Aug 13, 2016

Across the UK

From London to the very north of Scotland - Orkney Islands - and back, Caledonia Way and Grand Canal. Nights at pubs and all kinds of privat houses when the tray with English tea was waiting behind the door of my bedroom.  Scottish weather was at its best - wind, rain, and chill. Thanks to uphills, they helped to warm up. Madly beautiful though. 

Apr 21 - Jul 4, 2017

US East Coast, Canada to Florida

3000 miles on Atlantic coast of the United States, from Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida. All about meeting people and experiencing their great hospitality: being invited for lunch, for dinner, and for staying overnight in spare bedrooms. It wouldn't  be possible to ride through such well-established and highly populated ares without support from its habitants.


Real Running

On my later age I found myself in Sourth Adrica, where everyone runs, so I tried. Every week there were races with thousends runners in each. Soon I was choosen to compete iat South African cross-coiuntry championships, win the category in Spouth African Trail Series, and get a silver at World Masters Athletics in California 2011.                    Read more

2010s in South Africa

Professor & Runner

Taught at the University of South Africa. Won International photo contest with following up solo exhibitions. And learned to run!

2000s In Moscow

Journalist & Mom

Worked for the leading Moscow newspaper, received awards from Journalists Union and got books published. And raced cars!

Books In Russian

200000 km Around Moscow

My newspaper column TRASSA became a book, published in 15,000 hard copies by the lbiggest Russian Rublishing House AST. It was one of the best travel columns of 00s in Russian Media.

Driving Art

"She is the innate car racer, and the best journalist, who described all driving technicues in very interesting and funny maner. She had a gazoline in her blad and no speed limits. As a single mother of two, she couldn't become a proper car  racer, which was really pity." - a Russian race team coach, a professor of Academy of Driving Art Ernest Tzygankov.

"Lena has an amazing sense of humor. Excellent felling of the Russian language and the very good test helps her, not even mentioning her passion and temperament she is generously given by nature."

"Lena is not an ordinary reporter, indeed she is a reporter in a special way. In almost every text she appears not only as an author but as
a character as well."


At PechaKucha

PechaKucha is a global series of creative 6-min. presentations formatted to 20sec x20 slides.

Life Adventure Instructor

is beyond what anyone could expect. I've tried and tested unique yet simple ways to boost your mind, body, and spirit all in one. Want to up your endurance like me? Try my special ballet exercises. Want to read to your grandkids without glasses? I know an ancient Indian technique just for that. Look at me to be sure it works!


The answer is in my PechaKucha talk 2019 https://youtu.be/UaEt4N4V1c4

My daughter lives in London (UK) with her family and works in the art business; my sone lives in Moscow (Russia) with his family and works in IT.

The answer is here

I'm from Moscow and left for South Africa in 2009. I traveled much more in the US than in Russia, though I learned a lot when I worked on my newspaper column "200000 km Around Moscow".

I do not, but on safety reasons, I didn't travel solo when I was a young girl. Also, I don't go too wild outside of Europe and the US.