Ranch in New York

Ranch in New York

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Winter

Lena Faber Sand-boarding in Death Valley, Atacama Desert, Peru

4 Years of Everywhere

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture




Brazil + Carnival in Rio

Umeå - Hornsjo - Uddebo

Umeå – Hornsjo – Uddebo


Drumming Village

Three of us – Iva – my friend from volunteering, bear Bear – my trophy from tennis tournament, and me, took trip to Oslo.

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Hornsjo, a Small Alpine Village

They met me at the Lillehammer railway station at night and drove to the place – a small village in the mountains behind the boom. A few summer barns and one hotel – that’s Hornsjo, a small alpine village above Lillehammer in Norway.

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Arctic Rally racer

Arctic Rally

There was the big event the week I was back to Rovaniemi – the Arctic Rally. I was a automotive journalist a while ago in Moscow and can’t just pass their media centre in the Pohjanhovi hotel without saying “hello”.


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Girl from Helsinki

Gym & Spade

8 times right hand is leading, 8 times left, 8 times push, 8 times pull… Was I the first ever person using spade and snow for exercising instead of gym?

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Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus and Aurora Borealis

The Arctic Circle crosses Finland in the city of Rovaniemi. More particularly – in Santa Claus Village. Snowdrifts and Christmas decoration guaranteed. As well as a whole day darkness.

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Lapland in Kaamos (polar night). Santa Claus Village



Lena Faber. Bahamas

Photos of Me After the Appalachian Trail. Bahamas

Lena Faber, South Africa

2008, in Kalahari Desert Trip