Drive in Russia

Drive TV

I restored some of my Drive TV works, which eventually found in my computer, and put English subtitles. These short videos were made out of my newspaper automotive column about tough driving in Moscow traffic and non written rules on Russian roads. You can see a bit of Moscow of latest 2000s as well.

Sometimes my friends-actors were acting, sometimes automotive dealers, sometimes pedestrians, and me. Once I invited the studio gate guards to the recording room, leaved them with sound editor and asked to swear. That how soundtrack, illustrated driver’s emotions in Moscow traffic, was made.

Lena Faber used to work as a journalist at a mainstream Russian newspaper, she wrote books for a major publishing house, and directed her original concept on Drive TV in Russia. In 2009, she moved to South Africa and taught at the University of SA, where she took up running competitively and won a silver medal at the World Masters Athletic Championship. She has also won an international photo contest and had a photo exhibition of her work. In 2014 she decided to try fast long-distance hiking and started with the Appalachian Trail where she earned a trail name "Brave" from other hikers. She has also cycled US Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, as well as other parts of the world. Still hiking and cycling somewhere.