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Lena Faber. Four Years on Foot

Four Years On Foot

By that time the children had already grown up, so I just bought a ticket and flew … to the Kalahari Desert, 2008. Remember the movie? Gods Must be Crazy-2? A must watch. I always wondered if one day I could run like the bushmen in the movie.

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Lena Faber Sand-boarding in Death Valley, Atacama Desert, Peru

4 Years of Everywhere

Caledonian Canal

Caledonia Way. Loch Ness

Caledonia Way goes on Great Glen Ways, a very spectacular trail from Inverness to Fort Williams and further to the South. After riding along Caledonia Canals I decided that it can’t be anything better then that and even didn’t go to Northern Island to save the impression.

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The Inverness Highland Games

The Inverness Highland Games

The Inverness Highland Games are like a festival, taking place all over the Scotland on different weekends. So wherever whenever  in summer you are going, you will definitely see at least one.

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Trossachs National Park

Bike Ride Caledonia Way, Loch Ness, Lake District, Grand Canal

Grand Union Canal from Birmingham to London

Grand Union Canal

Manchester- Liverpool-Chester-Birmingham

Manchester- Liverpool-Birmingham. Beatles

Ferry John o'Groats - Orkney

Cycling Scotland #6. Inverness to John o’Groats

The milestone of this part is Altnaharra. Either you go with other cyclists straight to  Bettyhill, or with almost nobody to Tongue, how National Cycling Route 1 prescribes. All cyclists I’ve met told me that Altnaharra – Bettyhill was one of the best part on their way across UK. So I checked another route.

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Bike Ride London - Orkney Islands

Bike Ride London – Orkney Islands

Cycling from Dundee to Stonehaven. Dunnotar Castle

Cycling Scotland #4. Stonehaven to Portsoy

Cycling Scotland #4 on National Cycling Route 1. The route to Aberdeen was exhausting. The most exhausting part of National Cycling Route 1. Nothing particular to see, no places to stop, no places to eat. I cycled into Aberdeen so hungry… 

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The ever coolest selfie

Camera Obscura, a World of Illusion in the old centre of Edinburg: mirrors, optical illusions, holograms, lights, tricky images and confusion corridors. Ten selfies in one shot.

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South West Coast Path from Minehead to Lands End.

South West Coast Path, UK

South Downs Way, UK from Winchester to Eastbourne

South Downs Way, UK



Cotswold, English country side

Cotswold, England country side