Vicky was a drag racer!

Flood in Old Bus Stop

It started raining and did not stop for a whole week. All news were about flood in Missouri, I was listening ithem from the Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Gallery in … Missouri.


Flood ahead and flood behind – I spent one week in St Clair. One week of soap movie about local life: one person comes in,tells something, comes out. The door closes and opens again in a few seconds – another one person comes in, tells something, comes out.
They help me with everything – driving me around, laundering, printing, phoning friends and newspapers.

Max, the owner, – colorful lady, a lot to talk about, so much energy and plans in her … not sure if I should provide her age. I slept and eat in the gallery. Vicky – finally I met former drag racer, again a lot to talk about. She drove me to Meramec Caverns, organised special entrance and zip line tour. And she with her husband found for me prison TV – ultralight monitor which I could not find from “normal” brands in normal shops – the next story.


Lena Faber used to work as a journalist at a mainstream Russian newspaper, she wrote books for a major publishing house, and directed her original concept on Drive TV in Russia. In 2009, she moved to South Africa and taught at the University of SA, where she took up running competitively and won a silver medal at the World Masters Athletic Championship. She has also won an international photo contest and had a photo exhibition of her work. In 2014 she decided to try fast long-distance hiking and started with the Appalachian Trail where she earned a trail name "Brave" from other hikers. She has also cycled US Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, as well as other parts of the world. Still hiking and cycling somewhere.

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