Nancy and Daniel

Nancy and David

I pressed the button on the R40 bridge, yellow light started flashing for drivers to keep in mind, that a bicycle was crossing the bridge, and cycled  into McDonald’s on another side. I needed to mark libraries on my map ahead, because thunderstorm was coming in a few hours. It came earlier, and I’ve got a ride to the library from… a Weather Guard!

The trail is making a big detour again, I believe it’s because of of-road trail, which I’m going to ride tomorrow towards Annapolis. Nancy is cycling with me for a while. She was working in the library, when I came in from the thunderstorm, and invited me to stay at her house for a few days, which I suppose to spend in the library.
I met their neighbours and friends, joined them in a restaurant for a birthday dinner, but didn’t take part in their vibrant outdoor life, which was everyday kayaking, cycling, and biking. I was enjoying indoor.

Lena Faber used to work as a journalist at a mainstream Russian newspaper, she wrote books for a major publishing house, and directed her original concept on Drive TV in Russia. In 2009, she moved to South Africa and taught at the University of SA, where she took up running competitively and won a silver medal at the World Masters Athletic Championship. She has also won an international photo contest and had a photo exhibition of her work. In 2014 she decided to try fast long-distance hiking and started with the Appalachian Trail where she earned a trail name "Brave" from other hikers. She has also cycled US Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles, as well as other parts of the world. Still hiking and cycling somewhere.