Hikers at Smoky Mountains National Park

Standing Bear

Tennessee North Carolina state line, sun in Smokies, the wreckage of an aircraft, and the Standing Bear hostel at the end of Smokies with a lot of “old” and “new” hikers there.

After passing Smokies, you feel like you’d done one chapter of the Appalachian Trail. The first chapter! I did not think I would go that far. I could considered myself a thru-hiker. Nobo, heading mt Katahdin. Finally, I learned how to pronounce Katahdin. I didn’t need to learn it earlier. I did not want to.

Lena Faber used to work as a journalist at a mainstream Russian newspaper, wrote books for a major publishing house, and directed her original concept on TV. In 2009, she moved to South Africa, taught at the university, took up running, and earned a silver medal at the World Masters Athletic Championship in California and, in the meantime, won an international photo contest with following up solo exhibition. In 2014 she "shut the door" and gone hiking the Appalachian Trail, cycling from Chicago to LA (US Route 66), from Maine to Florida, from London to Orkney, etc. Now in MidCoast, Maine.