Teresa and Nat, Matoaka

Teresa and Nat

It was a pleasant evening on a porch under the bid mimosa trees, with hand-made wine.

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Photo: From Ashland to Richnond

The trail from Ashland

Photo: From Ashland to Richnond

There was a lot of rain, and road was about to flood.

Photo: From Ashland to Richnond

Museum of civil war in Richmond

Photo: From Ashland to Richnond

Bicycle bridge through the James River

Photo: Joe

Joe Street is a musician who plays acoustic guitar and the bass guitar in a band called Möbius Strip. “So happy to help you Lena : )”. He drove extra miles to get me through the area where there were no shoulders on the road. He told that every day he must do something nice for others, and here am I.

Photo: Teresa and Nat, Matoaka

Teresa, Nat and their daughter. I slept in a hammock on this porch, smelling mimosa tree. Nat’s hobby was making wine, and we enjoyed it with a conversation.

Photo: Teresa and Nat, MatoakaPhoto: Teresa and Nat, Matoaka

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