Life in Journalism

As a single mother – well, not too single, but all responsibility for my kids is mine – I tried to combine my job with entertainment for these two angels and myself. I worked with no weekends and vacations, it was just my lifestyle. I loved it and didn’t like breaks.

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The Route. 200,000 km around Moscow. Lena Faber

My Books Reviews

These two books are collections of my newspaper travelogue series “Trassa” (The Track) about 200.000 km road trip Around Moscow, issued by AST publishing house in 15,000 hard copies. All sold out, including those on Amazon

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Lena Faber Racing Car

Drive-TV series

I restored some of my Drive TV works, which eventually found in my computer, and put English subtitles. These short videos were made out of my newspaper column about tough driving in Moscow traffic and nonwritten rules on Russian roads. You can see a bit of Moscow of the latest 2000s as well.

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