Height of Land

Farewell to Maine

It was supposed to happen immediately after my family’s 2020 Christmas visit from England. Instead, the Art Project happened, in joint with my friend, photographer and installation designer Amy. Then Covid happened, and everyone

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Rockport, lockdown at home

Lockdown at Home, ME

Rockland Congregational Church

Rockland Congregational Church

Lena Faber at Zippo/Case Museum

Zippo/Case Museum

Lena Faber at Lisa's house

Me, US 2020

Morning in Portland Promenade

Portland, ME


Rockland, ME

A got in winter

Selection 1


Family Visit


Me, the US 2019


Vicki & Horse

hotels, Maine

Hotels Postcards


My Photos on Show

Lena Faber. Four Years on Foot

Four Years On Foot

By that time the children had already grown up, so I just bought a ticket and flew … to the Kalahari Desert, 2008. Remember the movie? Gods Must be Crazy-2? A must watch. I always wondered if one day I could run like the bushmen in the movie.

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US 2018 Lena Faber Niagara Falls

Landing in the US, ME

Caro Mio Ben

Learning to Sing

My grandmother, the princess Mescherskaya, after the revolution of 1917 became an opera singer. I never opened my mouth for a single note until

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Pink top with hood

2018, Morning in LLBean

Lincolnville, ME

Lincolnville, ME

Camden, ME

Camden, ME

Marshal Point

Tenants Harbor

Rockport harbor

Rockport, ME

Belfast Repair Cafe, ME

Belfast Repair Cafe, ME

Ranch in New York

Ranch in New York

Lena Faber, Appalachia

2018, Appalachia, Maine

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Winter

Lena Faber Sand-boarding in Death Valley, Atacama Desert, Peru

4 Years of Everywhere

On my way to East Coast Greenway, Airport Tambo, Johannesburg, South Africa

East Coast Greenway, US

Eating a watermelon

Night Promenade With Puncture

Yesterday night respectable citizens of Palm Beach Shira and Jon took a promenade to Downtown. Under the empty bridge, surrounded by construction fence, they were catch up by a stranger, walking her bike.

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