Duncannon Trail Magic

Hikers Prison

Diner for hikers in the Church in Duncannon, lunch in McDonald’s Walnutport out of the trail, trying to hitchhike back but stopped by a policeman because it was prohibited in Pennsylvania.

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Motel in Luray, VA

Shenandoah Bears

Shenandoah National Park. Stunning views, meeting with bears, storm at night, a ride from German tourists to the motel, then back to the trail.

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Sealing my tent

Meteorite Shower

Cool hostel with organic food (what was its name?), meteorite shower at Four Pines hostel, chicken buffet, famous McAfee Knob, sealing tent, laundering at Troutville Fire Station.

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Damascus Trail Days

Damascus Trail Days

Woohoo, Damascus Trail Days! It was something like … I have nothing to compare with. Hiking Woodstock? Hiking Burning Man? Time will tell.

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Appalachian Trail Folk School

Appalachian Folk School

Disappointed with my new backpack, exhausted after a night in a shelter – no compromising, never again! – ended up in Appalachian Folk School without any ability to walk a single mile.

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Along the Appalachian Trail

Time to Get Serious

After Hot Springs I moved on totally by myself, learned how to tent in the woods fare away from others, and how to hang food. It was time to get serious.

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Tennessee Trail Magic

Tennessee Salmon

A lot of food from Tennessee club, bold hills, very noisy (bad noise, not fun) hikers hostel in Hot Springs, that helped me to make a choice: you need to stop hanging with crowds too much otherwise you would never see Katahdin.

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Hikers at Smoky Mountains National Park

Standing Bear

Tennessee North Carolina state line, sun in Smokies, the wreckage of an aircraft, and the Standing Bear hostel at the end of Smokies with a lot of “old” and “new” hikers there.

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"Ghost" in Smoky Mountains National Park

Ghost in Smokies

Rain, twilights, muddy woods, Smokies. A lonely silhouette, moving slowly the same directions like me, no raincoat, no backpack. Just white angels wings on the back of his black hoody. Who it could be? Ghost, who else.

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Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smokies Sliding

More rain, less fun, just mud, and beautiful muddy mountains, that I slide from on my bum. I am glad I saw Smokies on their best: smoke itself, rain, mud. And blossom!

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Appalachian Trail Hikers at the shelter

Trash Days

Reading carefully how to deal with black bears, cooking stove, experiencing the last slightly below freezing temperature. A hikers hostel sent a bus to fetch us out of the woods during a bad forecast. 

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Hikers Hostel at Dick Creek Gap

Watching NoBos

Learning more about NoBo hikers (Northbound), Trail Angels, and hikers hostels. Watching what others eat, how they sleep, what they’re wearing, and what they are caring.

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hiking gear resupplying

Flood in Woody Gap

Woody Gap. Drying from the first storm at the trail angel’s house. My passport and other documents were wet as well, and, to save time, I asked the old lady to dry them with a hair drier, while I was bathing.

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They call me Brave

The Whole Nine Yards of the Appalachian Trail

In 2014 I hiked the Appalachian Trail, unexpectable and unpredictable way. I wasn’t ready, I didn’t know about AT, I didn’t know how to deal with woods and wilderness and I was not a backpacker at all. So I’ve  got whole nine yards of it.

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